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The Royal Order of Adjectives: A great reference for the correct sequence of adjectives!

Personality Attributes (photos):
Page 1: nice/kind/helpful/patient/caring; calm; friendly/outgoing/sociable; honest
Page 2: cheerful/energetic; clean/tidy/neat; messy
Page 3: strong; brave; fit; thoughtful/considerate
Page 4: patient; punctual/impatient; skilled
Page 5: skilled/coordinated; artistic/creative/talented; giving/generous/thoughtful
Page 6: protective; smart/clever/intelligent/problem solver; kind/helpful/caring/patient/courteous

young, slow, fast, small, big, strong, weak, happy, mad, friendly, unfriendly, sad, soft, hard, tall, short, shy, old:
2 pictures per page
9 pictures per page

sharp, dull, long, short, new, old, quiet, loud, messy, tidy, thin, thick, high, low, geeky, heavy, light, cool, bad, good, handsome, ugly, poor, rich, beautiful, difficult, easy, heavy, thin, empty, full, clean, dirty
2 pictures per page
9 pictures per page

friendly/unfriendly, sharp/dull, long/short, old/new, hard/soft, tall/short, loud/quiet, young/old, fast/slow, messy/tidy, thick/thin, cool/geeky, big/small, light/heavy, weak/strong, good/bad, handsome/ugly, poor/rich, mad/happy, beautiful/ugly, difficult/easy, heavy/thin, full/empty, clean/dirty
2 pictures per page
9 pictures per page
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