Picture Cards for Family Celebrations and Events
Page 1: New Year's Eve (midnight), New Year's Eve kiss, throw confetti, champagne (toast), Valentine's day card, box of cocolate (rose), color (dye) eggs, Easter egg hunt (basket), plastic eggs
Page 2: Easter candy (jelly beans, chocolate bunny), birthday party, birthday present, birthday card, birthday cake, hat, balloonds, noise makers, streamers
Page 3: light candles, blow out candles, serve cake, open presents (gifts), pinata, 4th of July (flags-red, white, and blue), have a bar-b-que (picnic), watch fireworks
Page 4: Halloween party, trick-or-treat, Thanksgiving dinner (feast), roast turkey, proposal, wedding shower, wedding, baby shower, graduation
Page 5: Santa Clause, Christmas tree, stockings, wreath, ornaments, candy canes, cookies (sugar cookies, gingerbread man), Christmas presents, nutcracker
Page 6: Menorah, dreidel, sleepover (slumber party), pillow fight, Mother's Day, anniversary, dance, take pictures, video, give/get present(gift)
Page 7: hang decorations, water balloon fight, pillow fight, pop popcorn, watch movies (TV), eat, hug, shake hands, hit the pinata

9 pictures per page
4 pictures per page

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