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Favorite ideas for Structured Language Practice routines and Applications:

Additional ideas from Carson Elementary:

Ideas for Kinder Teachers:

Game Boards! Go to this link for a great, easy way to create game boards for your students at the Beginning to the lower Intermediate language proficiency levels.

Pictures ideas for 4 picture narrative or Oral Language Development Jigsaw: (sports)
baseball pictures

Board Game Template:

Spinners! An alternative to card games that requires less paper! Cut & paste the pictures you need on the spinner. Students spin the spinner and create a target sentence based on the picture they land on.

Dice Maker! Another fun, easy way to create a "game" application and encourage variation in your Structured Language Practice routines.
Go to this link for some ideas on how to play the dice games:

Conversation Templates:
Girl to Boy 2/page
Boy to Boy 2/page
Multiple talkers 4/page
Singular and plural 4/page
Extended conversation 4/page

Foldables Wikispace: Here are some ideas beyond the typical fold and staple books: