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EL Achieve: Contact the Office of Language Acquisition for password information
You'll find great pictures of artifacts and sample lesson plans on this website

Free Materials
This website is AMAZING! You just need to write a brief proposal for materials you need and you will be granted your wish. Try it. They will even purchase the materials for you and send them to your school. Many teachers in San Diego have already taken advantage of this and every one of them has received the materials they requested. Think picture cards and realia...

Teacher Suggested Resources

Free Images:
flashcards, handouts, games, blackline clip art
various sized flashcards, games, printable pages
flashcards, printables
flashcards, games, songs
flashcards, games, songs
flashcards, printables, games
images, coloring pictures. Drag and drop images and then may need to modify size

Clip Art Sites:
search for images then drag and drop before clicking
1yr membership $19.95

Songs for ELD

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